C5x Frequency Lists per country

Hey guys.

Could anyone tell me which countries support 4.9 and 6.4 Ghz for the C5x?

Also, in the US, I was told that we can now use 6.2Ghz, but the radio itself shows that it’s not available.

So, 6.2 (actually any 6) is still a licensed band, Mimosa products are not allowed to use it for PTMP or PTP. Nill and Nada.

I know US allows 4.9, if you have the proper permissions from your local safety department.

Otherwise no, you probably would need to look up the specific rules for each country. Maybe Wikipedia might have a list?

I think Mimosa should be emphasizing to people that even though these products are capable of using 4.9-6.4 Ghz, no one will be able to use them due to licensing laws etc!!!

Hi @William7,

We are very clear when it comes to regulations. We ALWAYS tell people to follow their country’s regulations. This is one of the reasons why we have unlock codes. The code will prevent you from operating outside the unlicensed bands.

There are plenty of countries out there that don’t have spectrum regulations. Those are the folks that get to enjoy 4.9 and 6.4. Our products are not just for use in the United States or Canada.

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Ok. So I have 2 questions:

  1. If I have a license, then how can we get these channels enabled?

  2. What countries allow the use of 6.1-6.4Ghz?s

Correct @william5, many countries are very unclear or do not have regulations so there is very little documentation. However, we do not open up 6 GHz in ANY country by default. In these unknown countries, we require the ISP to attest that they have a license to operate to obtain a code unique to that country and Mimosa cloud network, and we have a system in our cloud to validate you’re in the country you’re operating before we allow offering it on a unique basis (and if the product has GPS in it the product will not operate if it doesn’t also match location to the country).

In countries like USA, Canada, EU/ETSI, etc. the processes are of course well known for existing allowed usage (like Part 101, etc.), so they’re totally off limits because the C5x is not a certified device in the band and likely would not meet the current FCC rules for Part 101 for channelization and emissions. In ETSI, in most cases TDD radios aren’t allowed in 6 GHz unless they follow the US FCC eventually in opening the 6 GHz band to WiFi.

We do have some ISPs that have asked to work with us on the basis of the current FCC 6 GHz NPRM (which is still very uncertain on the interference rules, EIRP and OOBE rules) to get an STA from the FCC to use our non-approved gear, where the equipment must be listed on the STA, and only be used for experimental non-commercial use cases. I have not yet seen any approvals for this unless it’s specifically for collecting data for the NPRM record, etc.

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