C5x - IP55 Enclosure rating ¿is that wright?

Hi, I am thinking of upgrading my network with C5x radios, with a 25dBi Cassegrain antenna, I think it is a great solution for my real needs.
But I did find something that scared me, the radio sheet says it is an IP55 for case rating.
Radios (in PTP mode) I need to install in a rugged environment, with high speed winds, long temperature gaps, and ice / snow in winter.
Can anyone tell me something about this IP55 rating?
I hesitate to think that C5x can be MY solution.

I probably have 50-75 of them deployed at the moment, I really like them.

That said, we have had pretty mild winters for North Eastern Colorado the last 2 years. So my experience isn’t really front line stuff.

What radios are you running at the moment?

If you already have C5c radios then it’s going to be pretty much the same as far as weather proofing. I would say the C5x is a far more durable and reliable radio then the C5 and I would hazzard to say the C5c.

All metal case (except for the port cover) and no antenna jacks at the top of the radio makes good sense to me.

Thanks Will for share me your experience. I’m concerned for that detail… last winter was heavy, 6ft of snow, so if dust (IP55) can get inside, I don’t want to think what snow/ice and melting ice would do.
I was expecting IP64 ir higher for devices like this.
Now I got some oldies PTP450i, but the actual BW it’s a limitation for me today.

The radio is IP55 because of the Ethernet door/cover that it has. If you seal the door, then you’d have an IP67 product.

I was just talking to my techs and they had an install where they had to mount below a leaky gutter. What they did was to seal the cable ingress port with caulk (the stuff we use around our antenna mounts to seal them against a roof).

That said, water may make it into the port, but it would be very difficult for it to harm anything, if I was really worried I would look at dielectric grease (like the stuff that came with the C5c radios).

Make sure you ground your equipment though. Your life will be so much better if you do.

Thank you very much for your support people. I really appreciate it.
So… as I can see… I will try for a couple of links to see what happens.