C5X link 100Mb/s

Is this can be couse all of my trouble with sending audio stream over link? In recieveing antenna I have 100 Mb/s. Problem that I have is stream drops every a little for few seconds no matter settings I use. Behind antenna is 50-60 m shilded cable PoE ethernet cable cat6 and Radpberry Pi4

I would test the shielded cable to see if it’ll pass 1000/full. 99% of the time I see 100/full it has been a pourly made RJ45.

Yes, that’s not right, but may or may not be your problem. How much bandwidth does the stream need? 100 Mbps is still quite a bit for a single video stream and you’re just sending audio, which needs even less. Do you have other traffic crossing the link also? If so, what is your QoS setup like? The audio stream should have priority. If you’re sending other traffic also and the Ethernet link is dropping this way, it could definitely affect the stream, especially if it’s not being prioritized over other traffic. The QoS settings would need to be in the device connected to each radio and in the radios themselves.

As with Nic, I’ve seen this with bad RJ45 connections. If you don’t use dielectric grease on the connection, I’ve seen them corrode. I’ve seen the corrosion grow across pins to short them out. I’d definitely run a cable test to verify that it will certify for gigabit speed, even if the RJ45 connections are good. I’ve also seen bad cables that won’t certify.