C5x Management interface

When C5x station is connected to A5x AP and A5x set it’s default management to a specific vlan, Tech onsite cannot access the C5x anymore but I still can on the remote network side not from C5x ether side. Any idea’s ?

Your tech will need to access the C5x through the Management VLAN. Many laptops don’t have the ability to set the VLAN on their ethernet port so I just use a VPN to access these radios.

Actually the Tech have the feature to have vlans on ether and as usual this is what they do for all clients but with A5x + C5x they can’t access C5x when vlan added on their laptop but with A5c + C5x it’s just fine

Could you post your Client configuration? I might be able to duplicate the config and test it out. Where are you setting the Management VLAN on the A5x or the C5x?

It is done from A5x side with firmware compatibility of the C5x with A5x just try both with latest firmware

It seems a bug on the software of their laptop vlan mgmt they tested again today and it worked. Thank you for your help

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Oh good, I was tied up all day yesterday and couldn’t test it.

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So, I found that if you set a static IP on a device and give it a /30 you can access the C5x with out a VLAN in many cases…

I suppose it all depends on your set up, but give this a try with a device directly connected to the POE:

Then you should be able to get to: - The antenna should respond on that IP.

Test it out - and let us know?

We use this set up on our HAP_Ac3’s and works quite well. All our C5x’s are on a VLAN for management (Assigned via radius) - and our A5c’s are on another VLAN altogether.

One could have say a network location set up with that /30 and change to it after set up to check things on the antenna. Let us know!