C5x pinging but not accessible

I have recently started using mimosa C5x with 25Dbi Dish
Problem here is I cannot access the web UI of my AP but the ping is constantly working.
Can anybody help me with this issue so I don’t have to manually power off the radio…?

Possible Issues:

  1. The web server in the C5x didn’t load properly & the unit needs restarted.
  2. There is something between you and the C5x that is blocking port 80 and/or 443.
  3. There is something in your browser. Try Incognito or Private mode, depending on what your browser calls it, and see if you can access the C5x. Try a different brand browser.
  4. Insufficient power at the C5x allowing it to boot enough to ping, but not fully function.
  5. This is the least likely, but it could be a bad unit.

Which end can you ping it from? I’m assuming it’s from the Ethernet side. If from the radio side, then can you pass traffic through the C5x? In other words, can you reach the device behind the C5x?

Is the AP showing online on the Mimosa Portal?