C5x PoE adapters

Hi again guys, I see on the specs that C5x can be feed from 24-56 V passive poe, but If I use the in-wall poe from mimosa is rated at 56 V.

Is possible to use that passive poe switch with a couple of C5x on the same mast? Is a little bit difficult to bring another FTP Cat.6 cable.

Thx in advance.

I have a post about doing something similar.

This should work, but you need to have a PoE power supply that can power all of your devices (gonna need at least .5 A for each device, or 12.5 watts per device at 24v) and all of your devices need to be able to run off of 24v.

So, even better take that https://www.netonix.com/wisp-switch/ws-6-mini.html with PoE also from them 54V-80W

On the same mast I can mix a couple of C5x with 1 Ubnt M5-400.

The trouble is that there is no outdoor rated Netonix Switches and he doesn’t want to run a second cable.

PoE Bricks are cheap and are simple to use, unless there is a need for some sort of VLAN mess a Netonix is kinda overkill.

We have had success using the Mikrotik Hex POE router. Just clear the config, put all ports in bridge mode and you can support 2-3 devices. Keep in mind the Hex POE only does about 53 watts in aggregate for all connected devices. Should work with C5x, but we have had challenges with more than one B11 as they pull 30 Watts each.

Managed poe switch is a necesary option for me, in case that i need to power antennas,etc.

I now that maybe that Netonix is not design for outdoor use, I mean inside of waterproof IP68 case of course, without that is a joke :slight_smile:

Yep, a good option also, but in my installation need to mix 2x C5x&1 ubnt m5-400.

I am assuming that is a 24V device being it is a Ubiquiti. Mixing voltages really makes things tough. We use Netonix switches in our tower cabinets for that purpose, and they work really well. However, the models we use are not POE powered, they are direct DC powered. There is one model of Netonix, the WISP Mini, that might be your best best for a small foot print, POE powered, mixed voltage solution. It looks like it would allow a 48V POE power supply, and give you selectable 24V or 48V POE output. This would allow one ethernet up the mast and multiple devices with different voltages at the top. You’ll have to find a small cabinet for it though as it is not an outdoor device. In our experience these devices are easy to manage, but a little fragile and need to be grounded well.

Yes, I was thinking to use that one :

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I think you can use the ubnt edgepoint below

Or the cheaper alternative from MT