C5x PTMP Questions

Since you have to set one of the C5x’s in AP modem and one in client mode, can more than one client talk to the AP if it’s inline with it? I guess what I’m asking is if the main unit will serve as a real access point allowing several clients to connect to it.

I know this is probably a dumb questions and has been answered before but I could not find anything on it.


Hopefully someone else will jump in if I’m wrong, but I think the C5x is a PTMP Client for the A5/6 model Access Points.

While the C5x can be an Access Point when it is configured for PTP (Point to Point) mode, it is not able to be an Access Point in PTMP (Point to Multi-Point) mode.

My suspicion is that there just isn’t the processing power required to handle PTMP TDMA scheduling. Also that the C5x couldn’t ever be GPS synchronized.