C5x ptp with 25 dbi antenna

Hi, I installed PTP with c5x 25 dbi with 14Km distance, on new location…Selected frequency from 4900 to 5000, Getting signal around -68,-69,Have good tx and rx 390/390,Well good bandwidth going b/w the device,300Mbps, But after 5 to 10 minutes, The station device ping goes to drop

Then it works well, when i do restart the unit manually, If i changed the frequency except 4900 to 5000, The signal goes high around 79 & 80

So these all the things happening on 1x80 channel width

Now i changed frequency 1x40 with 4910 frequency, tx/rx is about 180/180,Not dropping happening with ptp,

So < Any body please guide, why the frequency is not running well on 1x80 channel width,

Does the ping drop because the station radio disassociated? Can you show us the logs from the station or AP unit?

HI DustinS

Thank you for response

See currently it is on 40Mhz on 4945 frequency and the signal is about -59 So It is working very fine
, as i will do 80Mhz,It will work very fine,after some minutes packet will drop automatically.

File is not going to attach here, and after paste the logs here, showing error because of more text,

I am going to attach spectrum analyzer