C5x rebooting on its own

Does anyone know the circumstances that trigger this type of reboot. I have c5x’s across the network on different sectors that will do this constantly. After some time (up to a hr) they will reconnect and stay up. Then sometimes they will go a few days and do it again. all current on firmware. If i reboot a ap i will see a couple radios doing this.
I spent some time on the help line but really didnt come up with a reason for it. And frankly some of the explanation they had really didn’t make sense.

Shutdown reason: Reboot by a SW User Process - Ethernet inactivity
2020-12-04 21:10:50 (UTC +0000) : [Boot_Reboot] Reboot reason: Reboot by a SW User Process - Ethernet inactivity


What’s the Ethernet connection to the customer router? 100M or 1G?

You using PPPoE?

Most are connected at 100m. we use hapac lites. Some customers have privately owned 1g routers. But i can not confirm that the problem happens on customers with a 1g router. I do know it happens on the 100m connections.

We do use PPPoE. Currently have a off site radius server hosted by digital ocean.


Someone on FB was saying they have had issues with 100M routers behind C5# devices, I have not seen it, but could be something.

I am Using hAP Lites and not seen anything weird, but I am not running PPPoE, could be something where the session isn’t sending enough traffic so the C5x things something is wrong and throws a watchdog error. You might setup a script to send out a ping from the router every few seconds and see if it prevents the issue…

We typically run Hac ac2 routers at our clients sites. We started with Hap lite TC and C5cs and had lots of problems with the USB power and with the Mimosa reporting ethernet down or switching the link to 10 Mbps. We moved to Hap ac2 and noticed significantly better stability. When Hap ac2 were hard to get, we got a couple of shipments of Hap ac llites and noticed the problem that you are mentioning as well as situations where traffic would only trickle through the connection. The techs were pretty frustrated as they couldn’t find a cabling issue or anything else as an explanation like we normally would. Rather than continue to wrestle with the problem and try to figure it out, we just swapped the ac Lites with the ac2s when they were available. Our past experience with ethernet issues with Mimosa pushed us back to 1G connection only routers. The 100M devices paired with Mimosa gear just doesn’t seem to be a stable combination.

There is beta software that specifically resolves this issue, if you don’t want to run beta firmware you will have to wait for 2.5.4 to be released. Otherwise contact @DustinS and he can get you access to the beta firmware.

So far I have changed out 2 customers from 100mbps to 1g routers. Both of them no longer have this problem.

I have yet to try the beta firmware, but I’m looking into it.

Thanks for the help


We tried the beta without changing anything else and had success. Seems it can be different things.

I can report that I had issues with this - but not consistently across all our installs.

In one case I had bad cable, in another no physical issues.

I will say that lightning arrestors / surge suppressors are not supposed to be used.

I can say that 2.5.4 has helped with some of the re-boot / Ethernet bouncing issues we saw at a location with good cables.