C5x timeout after AP reboot

my c5x CPEs take 12 minutes to reconnect to a5c AP after it reboots, is that normal?

If it has a weak signal yes that is normal.

Also if you are using a Automatic or a high manual AGC Minimum RX Power, then it can also take a long time after reboot for an antenna to reconnect. (If you are manually rebooting the radio, then a trick to get it to reconnect quickly is to manually lower your AGC setting, or if you are using automatic you can turn on Client Association Assist) (All of these settings are in Channel and Power >> 5 GHz Channel & Power)

The signal is strong, but the AGC is set to Auto.
Thanks for your reply.

Just remember to either turn Auto AGC back on or reset the manual AGC setting after the device has reconnected.

I would say this is not normal - perhaps you have a lot of clients?

I was researching some things and found this thread: SRS client number limit - In a nutshell it says that 44 clients is a limit - and if some have good signals and others do not - then there could be a lot of missed packets perhaps?

How many clients do you have on your AP?

When we reboot an A5c - it does take some time - but not 12-15 min - we use radius and not DHCP, so perhaps there are other things going on in your set up -

Give us a full breakdown of what is involved in your set up - and maybe someone can give you some advise on how to streamline something.

I am running a lab setup of 1 A5c and 2 C5x in the same room, so signal is very strong.
Both proposed solutions didn’t help. I tried manual AGC with minimum value -75, and tried automatic AGC with Client Association Assist, but still the c5x clients need 12 min to associate with the A5c AP.

It is a lab setup in same room, only two clients running Interop mode, nothing special. Signal is very strong.

Are you running the same firmware on the C5x radios and the A5c radios?

That is very weird, the C5# radios will take longer to connect then many Ubiquiti radios, but not that long especially if the signal strength is good. I only see the longer reconnect times when my SNR is below 20 dB…

Yes, the same latest firmware

I guess I don’t use interop mode very much, maybe @Rob_MCN might know more, but I would check out SRS mode and see if the issue repeats.

Maybe the signal is too loud and that is the issue, maybe try turning down your transmit power so that you are closer to a real world deployment (get your TX power low enough that the A5c and the C5x are receiving around -30 dB or lower (since we are working with negative numbers lower here is for -31, -32 etc)

Give us some more info about your setup - are the C5x’s static mode? DHCP? Radius?
If in a lab set up - then definitely should not take that long to connect.

Your prolly missing something simple - but it sounds like a provisioning thing - regardless of SRS or wifi interop - Ill need more info about your set up to say one way or another.

Best lab set up (in my opinion) - is: Static IP on AP, Static IP on Client, Staic IP on routers to gateway and static IP on client router behind C5x.

Let us know so we can solve your issue!

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yes, all of them (the A5c ap and the 2 C5x) are static ip addresses, tried both SRS and interop and same result. I tried manual AGC with minimum value -75, and tried automatic AGC with Client Association Assist and also same result. the 2 C5x take the same time around 12 min to reconnect to a freshly rebooted A5c AP. all are running latest firmware 2.5.4, both clients RSSI around -34

Okay - well SRS / wifi interop - and AGC prolly dont have anything to do with the issue then.

I would contact Mimosa chat directly and send them your logs from the A5c - perhaps the unit is bad?

I have rebooted our AP here in my lab and it does not take that long.
I did the reboot just now - and it took about 1 min 38 seconds for a full reboot and client re-association. SRS mode with CPE data VLAN, and Radius enabled (WPA-Enterprise) in my setup.

I have to ask what your SSID settings, VLAN mode and Wireless Security are.

I would set if possible everything to be really simple under SSID:

Type: Fixed/CPE
DHCP option 82: OFF,
DL Priority Tag: OFF
Security type Pre-Shared Key (Make a simple password)
CPE Data Port Authentication: OFF

I would also set a 20 mhz wide channel and place it where there are no overlapping AP’s if possible.

If it still takes 12 min or even say 5 to associate then something is weird - and get Mimosa involved directly.

I did a mode conversion from SRS to interop (did not time it) - and that switched over really fast too - maybe 2.5 min for association.

If with all simple settings, things associate faster - as I suspect they will - start changing one thing at a time and see what causes the extended associated time.

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Oh ya, I keep forgetting about CPE settings.

I set all of my radios to SRS

Link >> Wireless Configuration >> Wirelss Protocol >> SRS (Instead of Auto, if you use interop then you can set it that way as well)

Just remember that you have to change over your CPE devices if you ever change your AP from SRS/Interop.

That helps with association and reconnecting TONs. I always forget to tell my installers when I am training, but it saves boatloads of time.

Something else I just remembered was that if you are using a DFS channel that would also be a rather long delay for reconnecting. The Access Point has to wait a certain amount of time before it can allow devices to connect to it. This might be extended if there is a lot of noise in the area and the Access Point has to check a couple of times to make sure the “noise” isn’t Radar Pings…

Well it seems that something was stuck in the AP since when I changed the wireless channel settings, it rebooted and the clients took less than 2 minutes to connect, even though I returned wireless channel to auto as it was before, the clients are connecting normally fast (less than 2 min) after the AP reboots.
Thank you for your help.

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