C5x unlocking on my network

Hi guys,

I’ve been getting random notifications that devices are being unlocked on my network via the cloud management. This is not me doing this, as much as I’d like it to be! This morning so far I’ve had 40 confirmations with unlock codes.

Is there a known issue?



Never had this happen, have you tried changing your password?

Aye, I’ve done that now. It seems to be the one device doing it over and over again. It’s stopped now though after a chat with support. I’m not sure if anything was done there though. Hopefully it’s resolved.

If it’s just one device it should be sending the same unlock code each time.

In that case I would do a factory reset as well as a firmware downgrade/upgrade and see if something got goofed up somewhere in the device.

If those steps fix the issue, then it was probably software, if not, then it could be a bad memory chip and the device will need to be RMA’ed to Mimosa.