C5x v2.11 Firmware

Judging by the Release Notes, this update does NOTHING except remove the REST API, is that correct? The Release Notes specifically states that there is nothing new and nothing fixed.

I just looked again and the v2.11 firmware is no longer on the firmware download page. However, the 2.10 firmware is listed as “deprecated” and the 2.11 firmware is still mentioned in the Release Notes.

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OK. Now is available, but the Release Notes don’t say why; although, judging by the numbering, I’m assuming they just found a small bug in the 2.11.0 release that got pulled quickly.

1 Like version gave me a headache… my link PHY Tx/Rx from 520/350 is dropping 30/520 and i can even ping the AP after updating my devices firmware. after 4 hours of headache the support operator just gave me the link to the download the old version firmware and now its working great again…