C5x Vendor Availability

I am looking to order some c5x’s, however can’t see to find any in stock at the typical vendors we use, tried:

Baltic Networks
Link Technologies

Any other vendors we could try?

Dunno if they have stuff in stock, but
Double Radius - www.doubleradius.com
Wav - http://www.mbsiwav.com (note they are Canada, but I know they have a USA branch)
CTI Connect - www.cticonnect.com

Honestly I would check the WISPA Pallooza Vendor list if you really want a full list of everyone.

Thanks! I appreciate the info, however none of them seem to have stock either. Does Mimosa have any insight into vendor stock levels or anything like that?

Word on the street with some of the above named distributors (not all of them) is, just like N95 masks someone mid to late last week bought all available C5x’s and some related accessories.

Which I get if your trying to sign customers up, but at the same time leave some love for the rest of us.

If I hear anything update here. @Jeff12 I also would like to hear any Airspan/Mimosa insight.

Found this on the Mimosa / Airspan Facebook page today:


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I’ve got a project ready to start, using A5c/N5-360 bases and C5x CPEs, and none of the usual vendors have any. Epcom shows stock, but sells to distributors. Can an ISP purchase a small (starter) quantity from them, or can someone point to a dealer who can get at their stock?

If Mimosa can’t keep supply going, I may have to redirect the entire project to a different brand of equipment… one competitor just came out with its own full-circle beam former, for instance.

@Fred Your best bet is probably to ask Epcom if they will sell to you.