C5x vs C5C for PTP

Hello there, i am looking for some information regarding the new C5x line. I need to deploy a few short range (~3km) links and the C5x looks like a cost effective alternative to the C5C+dish. So my questions are the following:

  • Are there substantial differences between the C5x and C5C processing power in terms of CPU ?
  • Are the good old ethernet flapping issues that are famous in the C5C fixed or improved in this new hardware ?
  • Do I need any kind of extra license or something in order to use the C5x in PTP mode with gigabit ethernet ?

Thanks in advance, Diego.

Hi @Diego5,

  1. No. The C5x and C5c are exactly the same, just in a different shell.
  2. We are using a different Ethernet PHY for the C5x. I don’t think I’ve had anyone yet complain about Ethernet flapping on the C5x.
  3. No. We removed licensing a few months ago. You can unlock it for PTP and have 1G Ethernet too.

Thanks a lot for your response @DustinS. I will report in a few days after we deploy them in the field. Cheers!

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how to add Frequency 4600 to 6400

please answer me

peta update2. 3.3

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