C5x Won't Connect

Guys, weird issue I cant’ figure out. I have a C5x connecting to an A5x w/ RF Elements 60 degree Asymmetrical horn at about 3 miles and seeing SSID at -70, but REFUSES to connect.

Any thoughts?

The only other weird thing about this C5x is I originally was going to use it as a PTP but I deleted it out of cloud, reset to factory and re-unlocked as PTMP, could that have done something weird with it?

Thank you!!

Hopefully William5 will step in here, but I’ll try and get things started.

Which device can see which? From your description, I’m assuming the C5x can see the A5x. What antenna is on the C5x? Is it capable of reaching back to the A5x?

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LOL, thanks @Wayne2

Couple things to check first,

  1. what firmware are you running on the A5x and the C5x respectively?
  2. Are you using AGC on the A5x? (Under Wireless >> MAC & PHY >> Wireless PHY Configuration AGC Mode

AGC basically acts like the Squelch control on old CB radios, if your signal is below a certain threshold then it’s ignored by the AP. If you are running AGC Mode as Auto there should be a Switch underneath it labeled Client Association Assist. Turn that on and it should enable you to connect with the weaker client. If you are running AGC Mode as Manual, you will need to adjust the sensitivity down so that weaker clients can associate.

From there, I guess we start getting down into the weeds.

Firstly, -70 isn’t all that great of a connection. I have a few people down that low in a pretty rural environment and I regret it. Noise will always be an issue and you have barely any room for environmental issues that will effect the signal negatively and ruin your SNR. (Which at -70 will be a rare case that it will be high enough to get a very high MCS rate)

Secondly. I love RF Elements, but 60 degree horns don’t have a boatload of gain. When you start going longer distances, every dB of gain you can get in your antenna will make a difference.

That said, -70 seems low for 3 miles, what size of antenna do you have on the C5x?

Thanks William!

Appreciate the in-depth reply I love learning.

  1. 2.8.1
  2. No! It was definitely in auto mode.

I was able to turn it to manual, set it to -74 and the client connected right up, good enough in fact for me to work on aim and got it up to a -63 using the X25 dish.

What brand/antenna would you recommend, I only used the RF 60 because I had it on hand, I could do a 30 in this area.

Thank you again!

A 30 degree asymmetrical horn on the A5x will give you >3dB better gain then the 60 asymmetrical horn. Which is a doubling of the signal strength. You might also want to check out RF Elements Starter horns StarterDish™ UM Antennas » RF elements the 27 dB version looks pretty decent, doesn’t require any special adapters for the C5x and minimally gives you 2 extra dB of gain. (It also gives you up and down tilt without having to mess around with the J-Pole which is an old complaint I get from my installers during alignment.)

If 30 degrees is just a little too tight for you I have been really happy with Mimosa’s 45 degree antennas on my A5x radios.

-63 sounds a lot better, you might be dragging along the ground a bit with your signal. A bit more height either on the AP or the client side might help you out as well. That said, I would be much happier with that instead.

Do remember to drop AGC down, it can really help your TX and RX rates on your AP a lot. Application Note: Tuning AGC

Note: if my answer was helpful, I work for “Likes” and “Solutions” around here. Please and thank you.


Looks like you need to have matching FW version for C5 and A5 - in PTP mode newest FW is 2.8.1, but in PtMP mode the newest FW is 2.5.4

We had this same issue on our first rollout. Might connect but will take forever. Sounds like a FW mismatch to me!

scratch that - A5x supports 2.8.1, so that shouldn’t be it!