C6x as PTP or Can Work with c5c

Hi dears

we Bought C6X’s, the promo in mimosa website showing can Work PTP but We were surprised when talk with support Mimosa Online the c6x can’t work acess point PTP ? is there any update about these issue and Can work with A5X or c5c ,we were deceived :smiling_face_with_tear:

Unfortunately, as the C6x was released, the specs that came along with the release didn’t mention PTP. The word on this forum, from someone who works for Mimosa, is that it’s being looked at internally, but no decision has yet been made to add PTP to the C6x. There have been several complaints about this from folks who thought they got caught in a bait & switch. We’ll just have to wait and see whether or not they add the PTP functionality. However, at this point, they are still working out bugs in the PTMP functionality with the A6. I wouldn’t expect anything to happen in the PTP scenario until they get the bugs worked out with the PTMP.

thank you Wayne2 but can c6x connect on a5x ? and c6x can support 7ghz band ?

You may want to check the information here:

The advertised frequency range for the C6x is 5.150-6.425 GHz.

You may also want to go to

From here, click on User Guide in the left column then choose C6x.

As far as the C6x working with the A5x, I think they said it’s supposed to but the firmware may not yet support it. We would need someone from Mimosa to jump in here and let us know if the firmware has been updated yet to allow this. It will, of course, work with the A6.

Normally one woud be pointed here: Manage Networks | Mimosa
(https : / / cloud.mimosa.co/ app/index.html# /updateFirmware/firmwareDownload/C6x-PTP)

There should be a PTP firmware for the C6x - perhaps they just have not released it yet?

I would think it is on the road map.

Should really be a simple firmware set up / change.

It would be a simple thing with firmware, but it is still being discussed internally. With B6x coming soon, C6x PTP might be later in the year.

As we saw with the B5c and C5c - the B5c had more capacity and was more for a professional / larger capacity installation. The C5c’s where for small PTP installs that had lower capacity but still suited a need.

I think that is what the customer base was expecting to see here.

Surprised to see the picture of the ad indicating PTP mode without a disclaimer of like - contact your sales representative when firmware upgrades are available - or something at least indicating future development.
I have say that I would be kinda bummed if I saw this and bought the units based on that ad thinking I was getting PTP capable radios. I would have dome more research before buying something - but still…

B5X why Can’t support Frequency range 4600 LIKE C5C , and Can c6x and c5x support 7 ghz ?

i think it’s take long time to release PTP Mode , Mimosa will lose many of customers

Naw - customers who like Mimosa like Mimosa.

They say waiting for a good thing is worth it!

Go to
and scroll down until you see the C5x & C6x. The frequency range they are capable of is listed there.