C6x - PTP licence Key

Hi, any news about licence key, to use C6x as a PTP bridge? After 1 year they are finally on stocks in our country, and I cant use them as i have planned.

Unfortunately, C6x will not be available for PTP. For now you’ll have to use the B5x until the B6 comes out.

Since 1 year there was announcment of PTP mode, now you changing plans? Please consider that many your customers using c5x only because of PTP mode. Any hopes for PTP?

There are no plans to implement PTP mode on the C6x right now. Maybe in the future.

Also yes I know we’ve talked about PTP for C6x for a long while but management decided not to move forward with that.

DustinS this is the worst decision that has ever been made… all you are doing is dissatisfied existing customers. This is where mimosa made the difference from other manufacturers. Now from someone’s bad choice you are only harming the mimosa brand and losing money.

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https://www.balticnetworks.com/search?type=product&q=c6x* say PTP

We bought 10 units of these and imported them from another country in order to test them and improve some ptp links

both the websites and the intrusions placed PTP

can they return the money

what a bad decision

mimosa licensed ptp

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Is there a roadmap around the B6 release?

Actually doing a roadmap review today. B6 is currently slated for Q2 but will know more later today.