C6x Twist Antenna port Advice

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We’ve been using the C6x over the last month and find we have trouble getting the C6x to align with a N5-X25 feedhorn water drain hole and wonder if anyone had advice/ best practices for putting the Mimosa N5-X dishes onto the C6x? I know the polarization is determined by the orientation of the C6x which is always perfectly vertical given how they mount to the j-arm/pole but I am a little concerned that we arent aligning the water drain hole vertically enough and wonder if we arent doing this exactly the right way? Does the C6x need to twist all the way down to the dish until its tight or can it be twisted off a bit so the drain hole can align downward?

This brings me to another question about a 3rd party twist port dish we purchased for testing. It is an ALG dish and when the C6x is twisted onto this dish’s twistport all the way, it is not lined up with the dish’s vertical orientation. Just again asking the community if they had any advice or came across the same challenges.

Attached are the pictures describing the above:

The ALG dish shown below is twisted till its tight. When tight it is in that orientation below


For the ALGcom it might be designed for 45 slant which is what this looks like. I haven’t played with ALGcom antennas so I couldn’t tell you for sure.

As for our stuff, it doesn’t have to be super tight. You can loosen it a bit where the drainhole is facing downwards and then tighten the screw on the C6 twist port.

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Thanks @DustinS , that answers my question. Ill check ALG to see more about their polarization . I did hear some chats in the forum about a Mimosa 30dbi twistport antenna in the works so I am excited to see that when it comes to market