C6X will not go above 18 TX power, Normal?

We have invested a crap ton of money in this platform. Of course, it had to be ordered well over a year ago. We ran predictions on the mimosa website and liked what we saw. Now that its in our hands its a completely different story! The AP seems like its limited to 14 on the TX power instead of the 24 that the website shows is available, the damn CPE’s that we bought are limited to 18 on the TX power which isnt even close to an EIRP limit. Basically the “Long Range” marketing is a crock of crap and with all these arbitrary limits to everything youll be lucky if you can get 1.5-2 miles. Hell our 60ghz wave PTMP gear will go further than this nonsense. How do i go about submitting our license to mimosa so we can at least use the damn frequency we are paying for?

Stay tuned, we are fixing to have a very significant amount of this junk for sale. 6 AP’s now that we’ve purchased and over 75 CPE

What regulatory domain are you located in? Sounds like the radios are probably following whatever rules they are supposed to for the frequency you have selected. There could also be different allowed EIRP at band edges and the like, depending on the equipment certification.

If you are used to using UBNT gear, you have never been forced to follow actual regulatory limits in many cases. Not all manufacturers gear lets you break the rules if you choose to.

Located in the US. That’s a nice little attempt at a jab, however im using a
UNI-3 Band where the EIRP limit is 36. With the C6X having a built in antenna of what 8dBi, a TX power of 18 puts ya at 26…well under the limit.

In the datasheet the c6x is clearly listed as having 24 dBm of tx power. Now, everytime they have something that is “restricted by country of operation” there is a little asterisk or it is clearly labeled on the datasheet. In this case, neither of those is true bc ITS NOT NEAR THE LIMIT.

I’d be interesting in hearing what channel and channel bandwidth you’re using on the A6. If you’re overlapped into UNII2, then the TX power will be limited to 14dBm (+16dBi) for total of 30dBm.

As for the client radios, yes that is a bug for 18 on the TX power which will be corrected with 3.1.3 beta. I should have that available to distribute later this week. Will also include VLANs and should also have backward compatibility for C5x.

Care sharing how your radios are configured?

Thats good to hear about the CPE power being a bug.

As far as the AP goes i can provide screenshots for it in a couple days as well as a support file or log. Its currently being installed on a tower for testing. I will say that i opened 2 more of the AP’s and set them up and the tx power is able to be adjusted as it should be in accordance with the EIRP limits and as it shows in your screenshots. However, the one thats going up on the tower is limited to being able to select 14 dBm for TX power regardless of what channel or width is used for some reason. Where it shows the actual Transmitted power, most of the time its around 5-10, even though 14 is selected. 20 dBm is visible, but when you click on 20 it simply inputs 14. This radio does not behave like the other 2 radios that i have set up. There’s a chance that we will have to take it back down off the tower and replace it, but im hoping that i can fix it by reflashing the firmware to it or updating to the new one when available.

I didnt open any of the other units until today, and its to late to swap it out. Ill have to either reschedule a crew, or like previously stated, hopefully the new firmware or a simple reflash of the current firmware will fix the issue.

@DustinS how do i go about submitting our licenses to yall to use all the bands we are licensed for? Would you mind elaborating on what the process looks like? (Once submitted do yall email us the right firmware or is it an unlock code or will it be available in our online portal once approved). I’m not to familiar with Mimosa. We have been a Ubiquiti and Cambium company until we purchased all of this new stuff from Mimosa.

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Good morning, I’m having trouble accessing a C6x, what would be the default username and password?

Default username for A6 and C6 is root

@DustinS is there any update on the Beta Firmware availability?

I’m sure you’ve seen but I posted firmware yesterday.