Cable length between radio and antenna

I want to mount my antennas about 15 ft from my a5c . Are there cables available that would handle this? I understand it is easier to just move the A5. Environmental issues make that a less than perfect solution for my project.

Yup, have a chat with your distributor to see what they sell, make sure you get the right connectors on the ends of your cables though.

I don’t order much from Streakwave these days, but they have what you are looking for.

You might want to do a bit of math and make sure you won’t be loosing much of your TX power from the cables. 1 dB is normal, more then that and you could see issues with performance at larger distances or edge case locations.

We have done this lots over the years for a number of reasons. If the link allows it, it can be prudent planning. Depending on the structure, servicing from inside a building or behind something in -40 degree weather makes up for the added cost.