Can B24 be made to operate with 7Mhz Bandwidth at 22Ghz & 23Ghz frequencies

Hello Mimosa Team & Community,
We have a potential client who under their licence is limited by both centre frequency and bandwidth in the 24Ghz spectrum, can we get the B24 unit to run on both customised centre frequencies and also bandwidth?

An extract of the details from the customer licence:
Link Path #1 (TX->RX) 23.3555GHz
Link Path #2 (TX->RX) 22.1235Ghz
Link Bandwidth 7Mhz
Transmit power max 119mW
EIRP 602.48 W
The link distance is 3.75km
For use in Australia

Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Hi @mldowling,

I’m not sure if it’s possible with the Quantenna chipset, but I can certainly ask!

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I just checked with the team and confirmed that the current Quantenna chipset will only allow 20, 40, and 80MHz channelization.


Hi, all

The question raised before by mldowling adapts almost perfectly to my case. The channelization of 20, 40 or 80 wouldn’t be a problem for me . My question is if it’s possible to make it work between 22.8 - 23.6Ghz? . We have the proper frequency assignment from the regulatory commission and we can share it with you if requested.

Thanks in advance

I didn’t realize Quantenna was making 24 GHz chipsets, I thought they were only 5/2.4 (though they have a lot invested into the MIMO stuff)

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They don’t. We upconvert from 5GHz to 24GHz.


Huh, you sneaky buggers. I guess that makes sense, not many people are going to make a 24 GHz chip, and even fewer are going to sell it other companies…

Thanks for the clarification…

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