Can not link between two B24 devices

Hello everyone,

I have an issue about wireless link between two B24. On station device, can not find SSID from AP.

Did you get a same issue? Pls share with me how to fix it.

Thanks & Best Regards.

What’s the distance between your two B24s? Do you have a clear Line of Sight between the two?

If you are not too far apart and you have a clear line of sight then I would guess possibly the SSID or Password are incorrect. Although alignment is pretty critical on the B24s so you might double check that as well.

You may also do an SSID scan and make sure that you can “see” your B24 on the other end (Scan with the client side) - if your “close” you will see the SSID and a signal strength reading - if your way off you wont see anything. Make sure that you do a line of sight “best guess” aim with your eye - but if you can not “see” the other side it may not work.

The B24 is a pretty narrow “beam” - not at all like 5 gig - and kinda hard to aim - the further you are apart with each one the harder it can be to obtain and maintain a good signal.

Let us know what comes of this / what you do / did if you get it to work.

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hola tengo el mismo problema no logro enlazar dos mimosa b24 nuevas la linea de vista es magnifica. podrías ayudarme si ya lo soluciono.