Can use NxN with Mimosa b5c or c5c

Hi dear…
Can use NxN ubiquiti with Mimosa c5c with different frequency, I need use just one dish for two c5c. With different frequency.

@ibrahem I do not think so, this system is specially designed for Ubiquiti airFiber radios. It is not a normal antenna with polarity (90°) and (180°). AirFiberX antenna uses polarity of (45º) and (135º). Additionally, to use the airFiberX Radios in other antennas, you need an adapter that changes its polarity.

Testing with airFiberX antennas and Rocket M5 were not good.

If what you mean is that you want to run multiple radios through the same antenna like Ubuiqiti can do with their radios and the NxN antennas. I don’t think that system would work with a C5c, it’s possible it could work if you used Mimosa’s B5c, but I have never tested/run it. For it to work with the B5c, you would need to use the exact same TDMA settings on both radios on each side of the link. Having one radio transmitting while another is trying to receive might lead to damage to one or both radios.

I would go to Mimosa Sales and ask them, @DustinS might have an idea though.

why b5c can used , what is the different between c5c and b5c when i use NxN ,
my Idea if i use the same Dish and use two C5C with Different Frequency , i think don’t get any issue Because its a different frequency and time Domain

The B5c has the ability to be GPS synced, which means the two radios will be transmitting/receiving at the same time. That said, I doubt that Mimosa has designed their radios for NxN use, so it’s a theory, but not one I have tested and one that I would be hesitant to attempt without talking to Mimosa about the use case.

the reason you would not want to use 2 C5c radios even on differing frequencies (Note, you would have to use differing frequencies no matter what the equipment you were using) is because each of those radios is designed to be receiving signals at -30 dB or lower, the radios can transmit above 20 dB of power. Since every 3 dB is a doubling of power we are looking at WAY more power going into the receivers then they are designed for. Even though the noise is off frequency, this can burn out your filters or other equipment in the radios receiver thereby bricking the device. If nothing else, each of those radios will be making noise outside of the channels they are using, this noise will cause the C5c radios to interfere with each other.

I can think of no way in which a C5c could be used in an NxN configuration, Ubiquiti themselves require that the AirFiber radios you would normally use have GPS sync turned on and configured:

Once again, I would talk to Mimosa support about your case, they would know if the B5c is capable of being used in NxN configurations.