Can you change the Rx bandwidth to Tx bandwidth

as my topic name up

and as you can see in the picture
i have this link where the Tx is above 600mbps and the Rx is about 50mbps or less
and the link limit is 780/780 mbps for the Tx and Rx can i limit the Rx like for 195 (780/4=195)
and use that bandwidth for the Tx so it would be (780+585=1365 mbps )
can do that or what ?

The short answer, no.

The ridiculously long answer:

The MAC Tx/Rx rate is a product of the above PHY Tx/Rx rate

Which itself is effected by:


TX Power and amplifier distortion:

Error rate: (effected by above)

Latency (link length and TDMA settings)

I would check alignment, though it seems like you might be pretty close. For whatever reason the B11 is expecting a -36 dB signal and you are getting a -53. So you either have the wrong antenna gain selected or you are way out of alignment. Personally, I would expect around -53 for the distance you are shooting, unless you have a really massive antenna.

Next up would be noise, could be something is making noise more local to the remote end, check out the channel and power page and see if you can see something there. If you are the United States, or anywhere where 11GHz is licensed then you might be able to check out the noise with your coordinator and try to resolve it. Otherwise you might as well move the radio to another channel if you don’t have licensing.

Finally, after you make sure that your radios are aligned as best as they can be, I would try dropping your TX power a dB or two (or even just set it to auto), you already have a bit of wiggle room and doing so might help with amplifier distortion which will vary between radio and radio. Manufacturing isn’t perfect replication and every now and then you will get a radio that is a bit more sensitive to things being less then perfect. This could be the case, not a fault with the radio, just a fact of how things are made. Everything is still probably within specification, just your one radio exceeds the specification more then the other does.

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thanks man , I will read all of them