Can you turn off various sectors in the A5?

When installing an A5-18, is it possible to basically turn off one or two of the 90 degree sectors? I want to install one of these in an area where we only want 180 degrees of radiation.

I was wondering the same thing.

I would rather they just rearranged the antennas to make an A5-180 that still has 4 sectors. I can see many instances in more urban settings where it would be nice to be able to mount an A5-180 to a wall to serve things along and across the street. Or two to opposite sides of a tower that would block the signal from passing through the tower. We can’t all have access to the very top :wink: I wouldn’t expect it to be much larger than the A5-360, since all I’m envisioning is them unfolding the 4 90° antennas and putting them in an arc that gives them each 45° of responsibility. The panels wouldn’t necessarily need redesigning since some overlap is necessary for effective beamforming anyway.

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