Canada: 5150 - 5250 in 1.5.0

I’m in Canada. So this means that I should see 5150 to 5250 as available for use ? It’s not in the GUI or the drop down.

Hi @ian1,

You will need to unlock your radio into Canada Licensed mode to see this. The patch notes will be updated to reflect this on the website. Thank you for bringing this up.

Thanks Dustin. I’m assuming the Patch Notes are the Release Notes ? If you could let me know where to find that I would be grateful.

BTW The B5C does show the ‘Regulatory Domain’ as Canada on the Channel & Power page. is where the updated release notes will be when they are posted.

As @DustinS said, you will need to update the “Regulatory Domain” to “Canada Licensed” to get the bonus 100 MHz.

To do that you will have to add “Canada Licensed” to your Mimosa Cloud Network.
Mimosa has a really helpful guide that saved me a bunch of hassle. (Skip the second portion and just go to the cloud and put in the unlock code again choosing the correct country for the antenna, as long as your radios are connected to the cloud they will do their own update. Props to @DustinS for telling me about this!)

I chatted with support a couple days ago in 00022134 - unlocking the B5C in Canada Licenced enabled me to chose frequencies in the 4950 Mhz range. And the station reported that it was using 49xx from the AP.

Supported thought it might be because of Browser caching…

I just unlocked another B5C in Canada Licenced and it is the same - I can choose a range of 4950- 4990.

And I’m in incognito mode and have been since the start of the upgrade/reset lock/unlock process.


the A5c sometimes can be this way as well, I manually add that little bit of spectrum to the exclusion list so none of our techs make a “mistake” that could get us in trouble. I am pretty sure that is the emergency band in the US that people can use if they get permission from their local emergency services.