Cannot pass Mikrotik RoMON traffic over A5 to C5 in SRS mode

When I am in Wifi Interop mode, everything works fine. When I switch to SRS mode (which would be helpful for the extra DFS channels), all RoMON switches do not come up. When I switch back to Wifi Interop, everything works well again.

Any thoughts?

Do you know if RoMON runs multicast traffic? The WiFi Interop mode allows multicast traffic like standard WiFi (limited but somewhat functional), and the SRS mode appears to drop it entirely.

We are having the same issue. This is because the SRS mode enables client Isolation, which is rejecting the RoMon as an invalid frame type. It would be great if we had the option to turn client isolation off, because it has nothing at all to do with GPS Sync as far as I know and doesn’t need to be hardcoded “on”.