Can't Access A5c on my Local network

Hi Guys

i have an A5c installed in my network ,with about five C5x and G2 to customers side , all works perfectly well and i can see them in the cloud .

a few days ago, i want to login into the A5c to check some stats and i cant access it anymore , i also cannot access the C5x or G2 anymore , but all still appears in the Cloud and working perfectly well.

what could be wrong ?

thanks in advance

What firmware are you running on your equipment? There was a firmware a while back that after a certain period of time caused the Web UI to bug out and make the device inaccessible locally. A simple reboot of the device should bring the Web UI back up for you.

Other issues could be a firewall or if you have the device on a non-Static DHCP assignment could migrate the IP the device is sitting on.

i am on 2.5.3 beta4 !
i also dont have a firewall and all my devcives have static IP. I recently updated to 2.5.3beta4
but i have been able to access it even after the update !only just recently all devices are inaccesible

Huh, weird, maybe a re-occurrence of the old bug? I have 1 AP at the moment I am testing 2.5.3 beta4 on and I have not seen any issues with getting into it. (Though I am using Firefox which already isn’t recommended.)

Can you ping the Devices?

yes i can ping all the devices ! its really kinda wierd!

Can you try rebooting the equipment from the Cloud UI?


The Device was rebooted but still no change.

Are you connecting to Http or Https? Do you have any custom Web UI ports you are using?

I am connecting via http, and no Custom Web UI ports !

okay so i had to visit the tower site to physically reboot the device and now i can access it remotely !

this is really weird!

thanks @William5 for your help, muchos gracias !!!

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