Can't access management in B11 P2P link

We have PTP link (B11) , the link is working fine and traffic has excellent flowing , BUT the issue is coming in the management IP and access management while there is a traffic on the link.

when we do ping to the B11 units (both of it) we find a lot of packet losses , at the same time the ping to the devices (switches) behind the units is very good and no packet losses .

there is no any packet loss in management while the link is ideal , it is only happen when there is a traffic in the link

One would think that ICMP(ping) may be at a lower priority when there is traffic on the link. IE - all the CPU is being used to make sure traffic flows across the link.

Can you get the management page to load at all during your difficult times? Or is it completely in-accessible?

I guess some of the other questions are what firmware are you using? Are you attempting to access one of the radios from the far side or the near side? Do you have the management IP on a separate VLAN or anything like that?

It is very difficult to access management page ( almost can’t) even you can’t make any changes of query due to delay …
Both radio sides have the same issue , even the delay in the switch side is normal , but high delay appear only in radio … we use different VLAN for management.

Is the “Firewall” option under “Management” turned off?

Otherwise, the B11’s job is to pass traffic, makes sense to me that under heavy load the B11 would decide that ICMP traffic would be pretty low priority. You might try extending the timeout period for the ICMP to fail, give the B11 more time to juggle things and respond.