Cant connect to brand new A5x

I have two brand new A5x’s, straight from the distributor here. After about 10 minutes the one A5x finally started pinging and after numerous attempts i was able to upload the firmware and configure it. For some reason I can’t ping or get to the GUI of the other one i bought. I was going to try to factory reset it but I cant even find any documentation on how to do that. Suggestions? Trying to connect to both and seems like is the correct default IP even though the unlock screen says .10 is

Side note: even the first one stopped responding to the GUI after awhile, but would continue to ping. Regretting not just buying the A5c like we usually do but I wanted to try these.

There’s a little plastic plug to the side of the Ethernet Port on the bottom of the A5x pull that out and you will see a button hidden in there on the PCB. Press that button when you apply power (I did this without the A5x being connected to another device, just the PoE brick) and hold. The light on the front will blink then blink rapidly then blink slower. Release when you see it start to blink slower (less then 15 seconds by my count)

This was all figured out in the field when I totally messed up my config on my A5x radios and couldn’t get to their management.

@DustinS, I meant to mention this to you. That there is no documentation whatsoever about how to reset the A5x.

Hi folks,

Let me take a look and rectify it. Thanks.

Also: Default IP for A5x is Could you send me a screenshot that shows 10 so I can have our team correct that?

I can verify that .10 is the default IP.

Thank you @DustinS for fixing this.

Are you plugging it into a network running dhcp? It will pull an IP if a DHCP server is available.

Also seen issues with ARP if you use the same laptop/PC and config one unit directly after the other - try flushing the ARP cache on the PC (ARP-D) and then refreshing he browser.