Can't remotely turn AP into station (frog link)

I ran into an interesting issue when a technician installed a B5 link with the wrong side set as the AP. It sort of worked, but the sync was off and I wanted to bring the link back under the timing plan (frog it – switch the two ends). I’ve done this a lot of times before on “that other brand” radios… I logged in to both ends, and on the “far” end, switched the Link from AP to Station. It then came up with a box saying that this would require a reboot, is that okay? So I say yes.

I’m simultaneously logged in to the “near” end, which is the one the management VPN gets to directly, and I see the signal drop off. I switch the near end to AP mode, but it doesn’t connect… But Station Scan shows that the far end is still beaconing as an AP! I go back to Station mode and reboot, and I see that the far end is still AP. I repeat the whole process to verify: The far end apparently reboots before it “saves” the change. I end up having to ask a person to go up the mountain to locally connect and reset the radio to Station. (This is the only backhaul reaching that site.)

You thus may want to look into the timing of that sequence.

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Paging @DustinS who will know who to forward this bug report onto…

@Fred what version of firmware are you running on your B5?

It’s on 1.5.1 (latest release, not a beta).