Capacity/Speedtest tool for remote tests

We need a tool to test the throughput from AP to CPE and vice versa. Just the PHY rates is not good enough because when there is hardly traffic they’d stay low (?)
We would really like a build in test (tcp/udp) from within the C5/C5c and/or better, the G2 to test the actual througput we can achieve on a certain P2MP link.
Best would be if the test could run to a remote server initiated remotely from the C5/C5c or G2.
We don’t want to send a technician with a laptop just to do some tests or ask the client to perform all the time.

I have been told by the help desk something is in study and could probably be arrive in a next fw release?

Any news/comments?

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You might take a look at a application called iPerf.

There is a server and client part to it, and you can get pretty fancy with it.

We used it here recently, and it gives a good view of real throughput with it.
We only use the B5 series here, but your uses should be similar.

Set up the server side and leave it for any testing at the client end with your onsite visit.

Like you, I do wish there were more tools build into the radios themselves that could be leveraged. But, I suspect in an effort to keep the firmware size down extras like this could put a good load onboard. Perhaps adding a extra sd memory chip to it for “extras” could be handy and keep the firmware small.

Really though, the more parts in the radio, the more possible failure points comes into play.

We know iPerf. But it still needs to be installed on a client’s device meaning we have to explain to them or go there and do it ourselves. And then it runs on the client’s device, which we have no responsibility for or control.
The whole point is we need a tool so we do not have to fiddle with client’s hardware. Only ours.

We have only a small network of 700+ clients but get 2 to 3 calls a day where people just have the message; “Internet is poor”, or “I have no speed”.

80% of our network is Mikrotik sand with these we just log into the client’s antenna (CPE) and with the bandwidth test tool make a test to a router behind the AP and we see soon enough if that test runs with the expected speeds or not. And how stable it is.

With Mimosa all we have is the PHY rates to look at. But even with high PHY rates sometimes throughput is crap… Or they fluctuate a lot.
So we then ask the client to do a test. The server that first comes up is in fact our own in our network so we can test our network this way.
Many cliente we still have to explain how this works speedtest works though and how they can show us the results.
Then we have to explain it should be done with a cable connected device to rule Wifi issues out. “Cable connected? It’s my mobile!” So we end up in discussions why the wifi is not really reliable for tests and try to talk them into connecting a laptop or PC.
Then we have to make sure it is a reasonable working laptop or PC and that our speedtest server is not saturated at the same time…
And since most clients are at least 2 hops away from the server we still don’t know if the issue is in the P2MP section or on the back hauls. So no we have to test the back hauls to eliminate these.

We can also opt to replace all G2’s for adapters and Mikrotik indoor wifi routers. That would give us ultimate control. But to be honest, Mikrotik’s indoor routers are not that good in 2,4Ghz as the G2’s and now we have to pay also for a separate 48V PoE adapter for the C5. More cables and more devices where contacts can get loose, or equipment failures.

I’ll bet most of Mimosa users would really appreciate a G2 with some speedtest application (even if it is ‘proprietary only’ so to the AP for instance) if that came for a slightly higher price.
All we need is a quick way to look at the clients speed. A test that can be done by the telephone girl without the need for us technicians to spend time on it or make an appointment with the client to get there…

Oh, I get your desire completely — I don’t think there’s anyone who reads this that wouldn’t like that functionality.

I would enjoy at least getting the “option” to have it embedded. As we grow our infrastructure it will rapidly become extremely important to have such tools.

Our (my) uses are very different than yours from the client end, but the tool is equally important.

It gets MY vote in the “we need this” list…

In previous Forum posts and I think in their manual, Mimosa has said that they did not include a speed test tool because it puts another load on the C5 antenna (the processor, when it is generating the data and doing speed test stuff) so it would not be an accurate measurement of the actual bandwidth available through the C5. (The B11 has a speed test tool, probably because it has one heck of a processor in there.)

Having the G2 do the speed test is a good idea, but it seems to me that there might be times you would need to test to see if the G2 was at fault or not.

Either way, I don’t care. I don’t subscribe my customers anywhere near the rated limit of the C5 and a little warning message telling me that the test would only be an indicator of bandwidth capability would be fine. At the very least some sort of bandwidth generator would be useful.

Neither do we rate clients near the limit of a C5. I can run up to 260Mbps on my own C5 connected to our towers. While most clients are limited to 50 or 100mbps.
But the average claim users make is “their internet is slow”. We have no means of quickly see if the claim bears any truth apart maybe from poor PHY rates or a lower MCS rate. But these sometimes jump up when traffic is applied. Which we can’t do remotely.
At the same time 75% of the client’s claims come from ill used wifi in their houses, poor devices or weak wifi signals or interference. If we could just run a quick bandwidth test (and that doesn’t have to be very precisely) we can immediately tell the client its his side if we produce a high speed bandwidth test. With Mimosa we don’t have such tool.

Network operators don’t need a surgeons tool to test a clients link. Just a simple raw average speed test would do.

We don’t have any packages that require a Gb connection so we run a mAP with 50 volt power adapter for our power injector. We use the mAP for our QoS and PPPoE authentication. We enable the AP on some customers for their wifi but most have their own routers they want to use anyway. It might be an option for some of your customers depending on their package. This gives you back all the control and options you are used to.

We have been seriously considering a system like that. Mikrotik is really kicking it with their mAPs in my opinion. (Mimosa seems to have a low opinion of them, from their WiFi issues video) We already use Mikrotiks for our business customers and would use them for everybody, but the learning curve is a bit much for some of our techs and it is easy to mess something up.

Unfortunately, going the mAP route is adding cost to an already higher then average cost for deployment. Hardware can always solve the issue, but software is far cheaper.

We are very interested in a speed test that can be run from the G2. We started putting MikroTik indoor routers behind the C5/c but had to give up on this as we had dozens where the ethernet link would continually drop. We tried every setting under the sun to try and resolve this, but finally gave up and started replacing troublesome connections with G2s. We have now made the decision to put all G2s in new installations. However, when we had the MikroTiks in the customers house, we had tremendous troubleshooting tools, not just the ability to run a real speed test, but also to torch the interface, etc. We desperately miss this. As mentioned above, for the calls that we get, about 75% are “our internet is slow”. Most times we find the C5 connection isn’t the issue (which we already are pretty certain since our Phy rates far exceed the subscribed speed). When we had the MikroTiks in the house we could individually test the speed from the house to the tower, the house to the next routed spot on the network if there is one, and to the edge router, and to a server on the internet. We can test all the segments now, but are missing the critical link from the customer to the tower. We really like the G2, but would love to see some speed test tools.

These could have been my words! Exactly why we need more tools in the G2 (and/or the C5’s)

The only difference we have with David6 is we decided to swap to G2’s straigth away since we then didn’t need the extra adapter (and thus less cables) and the Wifi of the G2 is outdoing any other Wifi router we’d used over time (TP-link, Mikrotik, NuCom, Netis etc. etc.) Special in difficult conditions (other room, outside the house) where the others dropped the connection the G2 still keeps connected and give reasonable speed! But we MISSSSS the tools we are so familiar with in Mikrotik for troubleshootings…