Change tx and rx ()

I show you the values of my link with mimosa B5c + Jirous 25dbi Antenna, specifically the Station. We don’t understand very well
because TX is lower than RX, it’s most likely because of some osbtaculous. We are trying to change TX values to RX and vice versa
and the only way we can think of is to change the porlarities H and V. But we have done it and the same values continue to appear in
TX and RX. Does anyone know how we can change or reverse the TX and RX values?

Thank you

Right off-hand, I have some guesses:

  1. What’s the noise level like at the other end? It may not be able to receive faster.
  2. Try a different frequency.
  3. Are the antenna specs for each end set properly?
  4. What do you have Rate Adaptation set at?
    Rate Adaptation Criteria - Choose PER, EVM, or Adaptive. The PER mode adjusts modulation based on the Tx Packet Error Rate calculated on the local radio. The EVM mode adjusts modulation based on the Error Vector Magnitude reported by the remote radio. With Adaptive PER, the PER threshold changes based on the link quality. If the link quality is bad, the PER threshold is relaxed. (Not all options are available on all radios.)

#3 & #4 may be set at only the AP end.