Changing country

I need to perform some testing and need to change to “Country licensed”. How do I do that ?
Right now devices are locked at “Country”…

Under network settings on I have added “Country licensed”…

But I don’t know how to move devices to it…


you have to do a “Reset Unlock” on the device’s web interface. Then Unlock the device with the specified unlock code.

best regards, Gabor

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Great thx! It works.

But I was of that conviction that licensed meant I could change power settings. I have got a temporary license to use all the power I can, and I can see the product is capable of -37 dBm, but licensed is stilll limited…

Any change I can test with -37 dBm by changing country (and will I be allowed to ?)

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Hi @jjonsson,

What unlock country are you trying to use for the Licensed unlock?

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I have the opposite problem, we unlocked some of our C5s with our “United States Licensed” instead of our normal “United States” and Mimosa Cloud won’t stop complaining. Can I do a “Reset Unlock” remotely or is this a on premise deal because it will disconnect the client until it is “reunlocked”?

You can do a reset unlock or you can just go on your cloud and put in the unlock code again, choosing the correct country.

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Denmark Licensed. But exact same power settings like Denmark.

It’s limited to 20 dBm EIRP on normal use, but we’re allowed to use more. But choosing Denmark Licensed, it’s exactly the same, which makes no sense, why license then ?

I have set to Taiwan Licensed, and that gives us power to test with, but it will reset some time after unlock and complain about country use mismatch…

I have bought a pair of doorstoppers (but even that they’re to big to be used for).

Anyway, it’s ridicolous to sell these devices in Europe for unlicensed use except for < 1 km (distributor should definately inform customers about that).

I have a license and can’t use them anyway. That’s a lot more ridicolous…

I’m really disappointed…

You might want to get in contact with Mimosa Support, they probably will have to make a special code for your network that lessens the restrictions. Denmark sounds like it is kinda different in how it runs things from most of the rest of the world. Thinking about it I like the principle, lets professional WISPs do their job better and still allows for Joe Shmoe to setup networks in a small area.

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Shouldn’t Licensed fit ?
Why do they have restrictions on that ?

It’s a nice product, but let the installer in control, and let him take responsibility.

I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a product, just to find out, it’s being limited by manufacture…

Hi @jjonsson,

We are not limiting you. It is your country’s regulations that are limiting you. It is Mimosa’s job to follow the rules and regulations of the country you’re in, otherwise it comes back on us.

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No, it’s the installers job to follow the rules and regulations. And we have a temporary license to test.
This is not a problem with LigoWave, UBNT, IgniteNet etc…

So why make a “Country licensed” then ?

@jjonsson, we have a “United States Licensed” from our B11, are you running one of those?

On the side of country restrictions, the last few years and legal battles have proven that companies like Mimosa, UBNT etc… must make their unlicensed gear so that it will follow the rules of the operating country. Too many installers were not following the rules and hunting them down is very expensive. The governments decided regulating the companies selling the equipment was easier. I agree with you, it should be on the installer’s shoulders to follow regulations, but a few bad apples ruined it for the rest of us.

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This is B24 devices…

You can’t choose a country you’re not in. GPS in the device register the actual country. What happens is that the device after some time resets itself…
I chose “Taiwan licensed” to test. That worked fine with more power, but it ran for like 15 minutes and then it unlocked…

I just don’t get it ?
Why make a “Country” and a “Country licensed”, when they’re exactly the same regarding power settings.
Why should I have a license then ?

I was just wondering if you had another licensed product (like the B11) and that was how you were getting the option for the “Denmark Licensed” because we see the same thing and there is no such thing as licensed 5GHz in USA.

We got the “US Licensed” option when we setup our B11s, it was not there before, so we have to be careful because Mimosa Cloud will complain about the License mismatch. (Between “United States” and “United States Licensed”) The keys don’t do anything different as far as I can tell, other then the “United States Licensed” allows us to unlock the B11 as well as A5s, C5s and B5s. I could be wrong and I am sure someone around here would be willing to set me straight out if I am.

BTW, I think that is cool that the GPS will keep people from using incorrect licensing for their area. Thanks for letting the community know, this is something not many people would test. If you want to get around it I bet a bit of aluminum tape would block the GPS signals well enough, might need to be grounded though. (I am not a Mimosa employee, but I bet this would be something that they would not approve of in any way, shape or form.)

As I said earlier, try to get in contact with their support team see if they can make you a special code or firmware, you are a special case and the B24 is as close to a commodity product (as far as price and simplicity of setup) as any 24 GHz product has come so far.

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UBNT AF24 is commodity product. It lets me decide myself. When I buy a product I own it. It doesn’t look like it, when it’s a Mimosa product.
Wonder if you can’t use any of their products without registering it with Mimosa, and sending information to them.

I agree that is bad that a person with no knowledge about products like this can install it and just configure it for full power, if it was easy to chose other settings. But that’s not what we’re talking about here.
Also why do Mimosa sell it to Europe ? They know it’s almost unusable because of the -20 dBm EIRP restrictions ?

I wouldn’t buy the product if it wasn’t for my temporary license…

I get where you are coming from, we don’t currently have anywhere in our network that a B24 will be able to be useful. We are just shooting too far. There are a couple projects that I am proposing that I can use a B24 in, but the benefit for us is in the price-per-bit instead of really any other aspect of the product.

Upon double checking my dictionary I misused “commodity” I was meaning to say “something that is cheap and easy to use for the un-initiated.” The AF24 was certified back in 2012, the FCC and several other regulators came down on UBNT, Cambium and the other guys since then, now everyone has to have signed firmware and have some way of preventing people from doing illegal stuff. Technically the radio never has to talk to Mimosa’s servers, you just are sending the Serial Number to Mimosa so they can check to see if the device was stolen or is counterfeit. (The former reason is a big benefit for us because we have punks swipe our UBNT stuff off of customer houses and then try to Ebay it. Can’t do it with Mimosa products, one phone call and the thing is as good as a brick :sunglasses:) We didn’t have any of our equipment connected to the Mimosa Cloud for several months. (Some of it never will, we just don’t want to add in the extra attack surface.)

I agree with you on the the ETSI restrictions, just using Mimosa’s tool on the B24 website ( under “Link Planning” and set to ETSI) large amounts of bandwidth over significant distances just are not doable. Which I think is really unfortunate. Hopefully Mimosa will be able to work with you on the special license dealie.

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That why we have temporary license. With 24 GHz on ISM band -20 dBm just don’t make sense. We’re working with local authorities on that matter.
Best with 24 GHz is that you can colocate several devices next to each other. Beamwidth is so small so you see little or nothing interference if you plan correct. Again that speaks for higher power…

How i can get a bigger dBm for B24 i cannot gutted more -4 and my distance is 2.5
i putted licensed