Hello everyone, sorry for my English, it is not a native language, but I will do my best to understand and make myself understood.

Buy a product called B5-Lite, they have two units together, to make point to point. I managed to link them and set them up to 750 mbps, so far so good.
But before this, what happened to me was strange, it happened to me with both radios. When mounted in their respective outer and adjust the clamp with which they come, they opened alone as butter …
For this reason, I want to share this detail so that the factory finds a solution to the design. I hope they serve the information, because I had to paste the housing. I leave images.

Dude, that is really weird. I have 4 B5-Lites and have not had that happen. You might want to contact Mimosa support.

Though, from the pictures it looks like you were able to put them back together so that at least is good. Shouldn’t be any issues if they are built like the C5.

BTW, you English is pretty good. Congrats on learning such a weird and backwards language, keep up the practice and you will be fine.

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B5-Lite appears to be a discontinued product; C5X is the current product (B5-Lite’s replacement).

Introducing the Mimosa C5x

Introducing the Mimosa C5x

The industry’s most versatile, integrated radio with modular twist-on antenna options (12, 16, 20, 25 dBi). The …

According to the spec sheet, C5X has “Wind Survivability: 200 km/h (125 mph)”, and IIRC B5-Lite was very similarly specced.

How could the B5-Lite actually survive 200 kph winds, if its case comes with a instant self-destruct feature as per omar13’s experience?

This was in issue from a couple of years ago. A batch of B5 lites didn’t get welded correctly. Are those old stock?

Those appear to be very old, first revision B5 Lites from several years ago. You should try to return them and get your money back and then purchase C5x radios.

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Hello, thank you all for responding and sorry for my late reply. I glued them with the pvc pipe cement and then I put silicone on them and they work perfectly. Currently I am passing 950mb at 3.8 km and it is still working there (I leave a picture of the kit box that I paste so that they see that I buy them new).

But I want to tell you to buy 2 boxes (that is, they are 4 units) … 1 link is the one I mentioned above and it is working and it is the one that sticks.

The other one is in another tower and 1 of the equipment is no longer on and it seems to be damaged … my question is can I connect or link another mimosa equipment to my b5-lite that I keep working? For example, can I connect my b5-lite to one c5x or another?

I am looking forward to your response. Thank you.

Unfortunately, the B5-Lites are only compatible among themselves. I don't believe they can even be connected to other B5 radios.
^^^ Wrong, see below for correct answer:

Maybe @DustinS might have different knowledge.

B5L can connect to B5 and B5c using the same firmware, but they are unable to connect to any C series radio.

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Ok. Tanks. I will try whit that.