CLI and Users Inquiry

When will we get the ability to view information and make some changes via CLI.

Myself am concerend with B5© , A5© and C5© gear.

Will we get the ability to create multiple users?
If yes.
Will we be able to define with some granularity the rights/permissions they have?

From my understanding of Mimosa’s CLI, it is designed to not be accessible to anyone besides them. Its just not the way Mimosa setup their radios to be managed. (I have been inside it while Mimosa was helping me with a few issues and is is more bare metal then Ubiquiti’s stuff.)

If you are looking to allow management for multiple users you should probably use the Cloud Management stuff available. You can create multiple accounts, invite them to your network and give/restrict some of the permissions. I have not played around with the user management side very much because I am about the only one in my office that does Mimosa Management.

If you want a bit more details for your network you can ask Mimosa for the extended cloud stuff, its alright if you want more information for hunting down issues and showing that customers are getting bandwidth if you are not using SNMP.

Hi @Joshua2,

@William5 is correct when he says the Mimosa CLI isn’t designed for customer access. Our CLI currently only allows root access, which is why we are firmly against giving that type of access out.

So while I know many folks want CLI access, it’s not currently something that is on our roadmap.

how do we apply for the extended cloud access?

Mimosa support should be able to hook you up.

Indeed Support can do this for you or I can, if you private message me the Network you need it on.

Thank you guys. I will send the request to Support.

I figure your busy enough Dustin :wink:

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