Client and IP are blank with a UBNT radio connected

When a UBNT radio is connected to the A5, it shows the MAC address in the Client Tab but not the Client Name or IP address of that radio.

Is this something that will be added soon? I have a list right now of connected clients, but that is not something I want to keep track of separately for long.

Matt Carpenter
Amarillo Wireless

Might need to make sure WDS is checked on the U@# radio. I have seen this very thing once before when moving a U@# ntework to the Big C.

I just checked and I did leave WDS turned on. I have 6 clients on the A5 now and none are showing the IP or Client Name.

Matthew are these in static IP?

We wouldn’t see the client name or IP in the current implementation on UBNT if they are static. We do see MAC in the wireless layer. We don’t currently support LLDP/CDP for us to gain additional discovery info otherwise, planning to add but not there this second.

Hi Jaime,

Yes, these have static IP’s set for management.
Okay, not a big issue. I am taking the MAC and doing a search in Powercode to find the Customer/Radio IP.

I have 7 clients on a 40Mhz channel at this point and working good. All UBNT radios, but plan on putting a C5 up in the next day or so.

Something I noticed today. I have the A5 set for 40Mhz, one of the client UBNT radios was left on 20Mhz and was able to connect. 6 of the clients showed 40Mhz channel and the last one showed 20Mhz. So, the question I have is if I have it set for 80Mhz would any 10, 20, 40, or 80Mhz radio connect and play nice with the others?

Thanks! Loving it!

Matt Carpenter
Amarillo Wireless

Yes the A5 can be setup in any size channel, and any client with a smaller size channel setup in 11n/11a (or actual compatible 11ac) in 20 or 40 MHz channels can connect at that channel size while other clients may be wider. Super nice feature, a number of folks love this capability. Of course you lose a bit of airtime on lower bandwidth clients but it’s a valuable feature.

10 MHz channels aren’t supported though unfortunately, just a function of the standard .11 channel sizes. We’re working on solutions for that in the next gen chip.

I’ll circle back when we know we have a solution for IP/name in static mode.

Thanks for the information, that is a handy feature when the installer does not realize he needs to move the CPE to 40Mhz for his initial connection.

Matt Carpenter
Amarillo Wireless

Hi Matt
I really would like to know the performance results of your A5 with ubnt connectes cpes.
I have a site with about 20 customers connected to 3 16db 120 sectors equipped with Rm5Ti and I would like to try an A5 14. Max distance 8km. Do you think I’ll have acceptable results with rates of 20Mbps and an actual max througput of 80-100 Mbps sum of all three sectors ?
Thanks in advance


At this point we have 10 Clients connected. Our packages range from 5 - 20 Mbit on these, but average out at 10Mbit with these 10 clients.
I am seeing around 15Mbit on average and peaking around 25Mbit in the evening.
All 10 clients are 2 Miles or less, I dont plan on putting any client on past 2 miles (If I can help it!).
At 2 Miles, I am seeing -67 which does hurt performance a little. The packet error rate is higher on that 2 Mile client.

Can it do 5 miles (8 km)? I would think so, but I don’t plan on doing that. Try to keep your signals at a minimum of -60 or so…
Seeing about 12% Total Utilization, and 3% of that labeled “Interference”. My guess is since we are in WIFI mode with hidden nodes if two CPE’s talk at the same time it sees it as interference… that my guess.

My plan is to take it to 20 Clients in WIFI mode, I bet the avg data will be around 45Mbit at peak times.

Can it do 80-100Mbit? Sure! I can speed test 94Mbit of each client (max for the Ethernet port). On a 40Mhz channel.
It all comes down to the signal out at those distances.

Put up the A5, set the SSID to the same as your current (put all 3 SSID’s into the A5) with the correct password.
Power off the 3 current sectors and power on the A5. Let all the clients reconnect (if they are able to). You will only see the MAC address of the CPE, so make sure you have a list and can find the ones that do not connect.

Have fun!

Matt Carpenter
Amarillo Wireless

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Thank you Matt! Monday I’ll give a try to a brand new mimosa A5 14. I have only M5 400 and 300 as cpes, I think that also the farthest one 8km should work fine or at least with no difference between the actual titanium ap. If you like I’ll update the thread with results.

Yeah, let us know the results.