Client devices showing high UL sp_err rates

We have a site set up for a neighborhood using an A5c with a N5-360 degree antenna. The site has been running flawlessly for quite some time. Recently someone installed a 180’ tower by their house for a CB radio. Very near since that time we have been having horrible issues with close to all our subscriber units. We initially were using C5 and have upgraded clients to the C5X and the 25dBi antenna.

Each day, usually after 5PM, the client devices closest to this tower site start registering sp_err errors, sometimes up to 30K, but most the neighborhood sees around 2K.

We are trying to get enough data together where we approach this guy with the radio tower but I thought I would check here to see if anyone else has ever had an issue similar to this.

Also, what else could I check that would tell me something is going on.

I have attached a screen grab of the spectrum analyzer taken during one of these periods of high errors. No matter what radio we log into during one of these moments we see something very similar. Sometimes the entire graph shows blue with no other colors at all.

We had a situation some years ago that sounds very similar to this. New equipment was put on the tower and lots of bad noise issues in spectrum that should not have been affected. Turned out there were some bad N-connector terminations and the connectors were spewing interference. The connectors were all re-terminated and the issue went away. Hope this helps. If you can get the tower owner to turn off his radios and the issue goes away, then have him turn them back on one at a time until you see the errors, that’s how we did it. An old timer had seen bad connector termination issues before and pointed us that direction.