Client management (Mac table, info)

Is there any way to see the bridge table on the C5? There doesn’t appear to be anything exposed on the web client, the device doesn’t seem to support SNMP, and there is no SSH/Telnet as far as I can tell so no CLI. Am I just missing something? There doesn’t seem to be any way to troubleshoot a client who says they aren’t connected short of ethernet up/down.


I’m looking for the same - I have a MAC address which I’ve tracked down to an AP, but I can’t tell which CPE radio the MAC is behind. The AP MAC table is showing client as “none”.

Mimosa - you need to start making your devices more open/flexible! With Ubiquiti this would be fairly easy to throw together a quick script to SSH into each radio and grep the MAC table.

The MAC forwarding table of the AP will show all the MACs on the layer 2. If it’s showing “none” then the Client shouldn’t be on that AP, if it is on the WLAN of the AP then the Client would have the name of the Station you assigned.

They keep the devices locked down because of security concerns. If you want you could use the SNMP interface to get the info you were wanting though.

The MAC Bridge Table, requires that your AP is running firmware 2.4.0 or later.

Like this below: (Customer names have been blacked out)

@William5 - I can’t get a screen capture at this point, but we eventually found the MAC address in question - it was behind a radio connected to the AP, and the AP was showing the client name as “none”. The MAC address was causing an IP address conflict and the difficulty locating the source made the process much more frustrating.

Security concerns can be worked thru while still making a more open/accessible product. The current Mimosa design with just a single password for access to everything is very much less secure than other options.