Clients not associated On A5c

I had rebooted the AP a couple days ago and now I see all of the clients are showing in the “not associated” column, But everything is working fine. I noticed this today after a new client install so I had rebooted a client that was listed as not associated and now it is in the appropriate SSID column. Anyone had this issue?

So when you say that “everything is working fine”. You mean that your customers can transfer data and have internet access?

If that is the case, what web browser are you using, there are known issues with Firefox. I tend to use Google Chrome in Incognito mode for most of my management and it has been working great for months. (I recall there being an issue with APs reporting disconnected customers falsely in Firefox or something of the sort)_

Hi @craig2,

I actually am experiencing this myself this morning. I’ll discuss this issue in my meeting coming up in 30 minutes. Thanks for letting me know!

sheez. I will keep my eye out for this issue myself.

@William5 yes all clients pass traffic fine, and i am using chrome but not in incognito mode.

@DustinS thank you and will wait for the reply.

If you are using Chrome then you shouldn’t have any problems. If @DustinS is having issues then I am guessing there is some sort if issue with the latest firmware. (Luckily for us it’s not a big service affecting issue…)

Following this and will be keeping my eyes out for this issue in my network…

@William5 like I said it only appeared after a reboot but not before that.

Hi @craig2,

Lets compare our setups. I’m running Radius on my AP with CPE Data VLANs applied to only 8 of the 30 radios. Those that have VLANs assigned actually are the ones that show disconnected, even though they really aren’t.

Are you running VLANs and/or Radius on your setup?

@DustinS A5 is set on fixed/cpe and all my clients are on 3 vlans 100, 200, 300. so i dont know if happens to a client that is not on a vlan.

2 quick questions,

  1. Are you able to access the Web UIs of the radios?

  2. Are you using traffic shaping in your Access Point, and secondary question if so, is it still working?


Not sure if you’re asking me, but:

I still have access to all of my clients and nothing seems to be adversely affected by those clients showing disassociated in the Settings page.

We have traffic shaping set up, but we aren’t using it on any of our customers. Just using the default plan.


Either or. Seems like the management interface isn’t able to talk to VLANs. Which would mean that various other things could be broken. (Another thing that just occurred to me was that Cloud Management might be broken as well, since it’s done through the AP.)

Might test out the traffic shaping though. Could be an indicator where the problem is.

@William5 Yes we are using traffic shaping on AP and yes I can login to the clients. My client management is on the default vlan (0). Hooked another client up tonight and now the ones that was in the appropriate ssid are now into the Not associated and the client I hooked up tonight is in the correct SSID.

Also everything is looking good in the cloud management, Also Traffic shaping is working correctly …

Then that means it’s only a portion of the Web UI that isn’t able to talk to clients over VLANs. Not that it helps you at all, probably.

Well I think this thread has been great. I’ve forwarded it over to the engineering team so they can use what we’ve done as part of their testing. I need more productive threads like this!

@DustinS @William5

I did see this morning one of my clients that has a 15mbps data plan and was using 43mbps. I have e been noticing the data limiting on the ap are not that great.

@DustinS is this just happening on a single AP or more? I have 2 AP’s and only one is affected. The one affected is in SRS mode with 10 clients and my other that is not affected has 4 clients and is in wifi interop mode and all clients are also in vlans. Not sure if this will help isolate the issue but thought i would give more info.

Hi @craig2,

Just a single AP of mine is having (was having…) this issue. My AP is in SRS mode with 30 clients. 8 of those were showing disassociated on the Settings page. This has cleared up now, probably due to Engineering messing around with it.

That information is definitely helpful and I’ve given them the link to this thread as well. I appreciate you patience and I’m certainly glad it’s not impacting you or your clients.

Ok a little more info, after reboot of the a5c all clients was in the proper column until I added a new client then all but the new client went into the “not associated” column.

Hi @craig2,

Sorry for the late response. After removing VLANs from the customers that had them assigned, everything shows fine. Actually this hasn’t happened since.

It might be good for us to get remote access to your unit if you’re still seeing this with at least one unit!