Cloud connectivity

Why the cloud is not connected and how can I connect it ?

Verify your network, that the computers have internet, try pinging the servers.

Which servers can you help me

Check to see if your radios can get out to the internet, pinging (google DNS) is a decent way to try. You might also try changing your DNS settings in the radios to see if there might be an issue there.

It’s not pinging
What’s the issue ??

Your radio can’t access, you can try a few other IPs and see if it’s just or if it’s the entire internet.

Try a traceroute to see where the issue might be.

Some other IPs to try: (Intel DNS?) (Open DNS I think) (

All of these should respond, if they don’t then try a traceroute and see where the problem is. Could be a bad network config, could also be NAT not setup/working. Depends on your network/firewall setup.

These DNS not pinging and at the traceroute showing the same results
What do you think the problem is
And my firmware version is 2.3.3 beta could it be the problem ?

Looks to me like a firewall or routing issue. Do you have access to the router at and it’s upstream connection?

No, firmware would not be the issue here…

I don’t follow my english not very good
What do you mean ?
Can I ping at ?
Or what ?

Is the router that has yours and can you manage it?

Do you also own the router that is after If so, can you manage it?

Basically, do you own the network that connects you out to the internet? If so, then it’s time to do some diagnostics on those routers and figure out why you cant access the internet. If not, then you need to contact your service provider and inform them of the issue.

No I don’t have access to the router that have and it shows nothing when I search this ip address is a private IP address. No one owns it. Talk to your ISP and tell them you are getting packet drops from your network.

I’m a tower owner I have a master and slave c5c and I give service to people so I’m the service provider but I don’t know why it’s doesn’t connect.

How do you get your internet? Whoever delivers internet to you is using for an IP address for a router, that is who you need to talk to about the problem…

But since you insist here are some more questions that might make it clearer to you:

Do you own the device at

How about

If you plug in a computer into your internet connection, what IP do you get? or do you have to set it to a static IP? Does that IP have internet access.

Your Mimosa equipment just needs internet connectivity, if you don’t have internet connectivity then they can’t talk to Mimosa’s servers and you won’t be able to monitor/control them online.

The IP is the default getaway from the repeater and - is master is slave
I never seen or
I got a static IP on my router with the range so I can access the mimosa link wireless.
How can I make internet gets to mimosa ?

Do you anydesk
Can you come anydesk and check if my settings have something wrong ?

I don’t have any device from the IP’s you wrote
I think I need to talk to the repeater guy
If I found these devices what should I do ?

I would talk to your repeater guy.

If you own the whole network out to the internet then those IPs have to be somewhere on a router, otherwise traceroute wouldn’t log them. You can double check on your router and see if you have your NAT setup correctly (I am assuming that you are NATing your 10.128.64.x range to a 172.16.x.x address)

I am busy for the next 7 hours, after which I would be free to login and take a look, but I charge by the hour to do that. Here on the forums I am free.

This is my management settings
What do you think
I would like you to check for me but I sorry I can’t charge you because here in Iraq there is no way to charge people online like a credit card or anything

Looks fine, as I said, you are getting beyond which is your router. If you had the networking miss-configured on your C5 device you wouldn’t see any IPs on the traceroute.

Traceroute sends packets out and in most situations each “router” that the packet hits will report back to the device that started the Traceroute. The "*"s that you are seeing are where the traceroute did not get a response, that tells us several things.

  1. that your Mimosa devices can communicate with your router, because we get a response from your router.
  2. That your Mimosa devices can reach the WAN side of your router and devices on your WAN. Because we get responses from other devices on your WAN.
  3. The last device we get a response from is Which means that is where you should start looking for firewall, NAT or routing issues.

There are several likely issues:

  • There is a firewall on that prevents your Mimosa devices from talking further up the line
  • There is a firewall beyond that prevents devices from talking back to your Mimosa device
  • There is a NAT issue, which means that your Mimosa device isn’t getting properly NATed, that could be on your router. Or elsewhere, this one would be hard to track down.
  • There is a routing issue, probably with a device beyond which would mean that the device doesn’t know how to reach your Mimosa device and therefore can’t respond to your traceroute.