Cloud management service degrading - soon to be paid for!

After the notification some weeks ago that the cloud management was offering less history options I am now being told the whole cloud management is going to be a paid service later this year!
This is appalling imho!

The Mimosa radios are great but the GUI lacks a lot of info. If you are coming from other platforms like UBNT or Mikrotik (or others!) you are used to get loads of info on many parameters.
In Mimosa most of the useful troubleshoot parameters are only available in the cloud. There is no other export option to local server…
Ok, so far so good… at times it doesn’t work very well but ok, servers are maybe overloaded…

Then came the surprise of limiting the history option on data. I can understand it ‘eats’ away the servers that are probably hired in some data centre which makes it costly… but it wasn’t my choice to do it this way!

I want the 48hrs, 1 and 2 week graphs back…

But in the latest fw (A5) I found now more data is missing. In asking support why I got the answer “in preparation of a paid cloud version”… What?!?

So now we are going to have to pay for a monitoring system most of us didn’t ask for, many of us don’t like (rather use something ourselves)?
Mimosa is for migrating WISP platforms already not one of the cheapest option but at least their unavoidable cloud system came for free…Well, not much longer it seems…

I am not happy with this! Call that an understatement…


Hi, Im agree with you Rudy. In my opinion 1 or 2 weeks history data should be fine and free, if you want more time ( 6 months for exemple ) i can understand pay for that service.

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I wish they had an option like UBNT Air-Control. I would host my own.

Your argument bears ground if this was something new in the product/service line.

But here we are being ‘lured’ (“Free cloud service” was part of their prospects) into using it from the day the Mimosa product line has been introduced with drums in the background.
And in troubleshooting the not troubled free A5 interop mode we heavily needed it and now suddenly the service gets cut back and worse, the notification made that it’s because of future paid version?

  1. The paid version is not even there now. So what to do now? Even if I want to pay for it I cannot as of yet…
  2. So we have no different histories any longer as before and even some options are completely disabled now. But there is no alternative to get the data apart from the real time GUI. Basically this is a service level going downhill…

Hi Rudy,

Thanks for your feedback regarding the recent cloud changes.

We are currently working on improvements to our Manage Basic (Free service) that will make it much easier for you to manage a large-scale network. This will continue to be free, ensuring that our customers can successfully deploy and identify ways to optimize and maintain RF performance or our products.

In addition to continuing to support a free management service, we are also committed to full support for SNMP across our product line (A5 support in upcoming 2.3 firmware) to integrate with traditional monitoring services.

We decided to discontinue the Cloud+ product which had access to some of the longer data sets you describe to rework it into an improved service focused on best helping you serve your subscribers. To show our appreciation to our existing Cloud+ users, access to the 3-month data set will be available until we can launch the re-imagined service.



Thanks for the update Scott,

I am very much looking forward to SNMP support on all products especially A5 units.


I told you before " I´m agree with you" but where I write 1-2 weeks for me means “short period time” is just an expression, doesnt needs be necessary exactly 2 weeks of historyc data.

In the other way I know now exactly what you mean with Cloud+ service. They claim Cloud service as part of the Mimosa´s system,and now they downgrade.


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Thanks for the explanation, Scott. I have to say I’m already missing the historical spectrum data, something that is not usually available via SNMP. This was a big selling point for me of the cloud data!

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