Cloud Service Issues?

Any of you having issues with the cloud service? It looks like none of my radios have been seen since December 12th. Other devices on the same towers phoning home to other cloud services are reporting.

I had this issue with one of my A514 AP’s. The GPS was bad on it though so Mimosa sent me a new one to replace it and I sent the old one back. Once I swapped out the AP to the new one sent everything was reporting again as well as GPS was working. Not sure if they were related but that was one instance where I had the issue and it got resolved.

I was told that the GPS=BAD on A5-14 is a firmware setting. They explained that the GPS has been disabled until sync function gets turned on in the next release. So you have a A5-14 with working GPS?

Hi Michael,

“GPS = Bad” is a status and not a setting. It could be bad GPS hardware, or it could be interference from other nearby transmitters.

While GPS is not required for operation in WiFi Interop mode, it will be required for the GPS-Sync (TDMA) protocol in collocation applications.

If you suspect a GPS hardware problem (after following the steps in the troubleshooting guide), please contact Mimosa Support for a replacement. Chat line is the fastest way, or you can email

I can’t locate the chat transcript, but the support person specifically said that a GPS status of BAD was due to Mimosa disabling the GPS radio in the current firmware.

I told the Mimosa support person that it’s GOOD on our A5c radios and they told me that while the GPS is disabled in the A5-14, it is active in the A5c.

The A5-14 in question has a clear view of the sky and the only other radio on the tower is a B5 10’ below the A5-14.

You may want to look back at my support chat history and find out where we went off the rails. The person was very specific that my GPS would come back to life with the next firmware update.


Mike B

In my case it was a hardware issue in the A5. This was not the GPS sync with client radios but rather the GPS that tells the cloud where the A5 is geographically. Like I said though, I dont know that the issue was related to the not reporting to the cloud issue. It may have simply been a coincidence and when I received the new A514 both issues were resolved.

Thanks, Michael. I’ll look into it to be sure that our communication is clear and consistent. That’s why I’m commenting here to clarify so there are no misunderstandings.

There is a setting on the Link page to choose the GPS-Sync protocol, but the option is currently disabled until 2.2 is released.

Thanks Chris. I’l circle back with support on this A5-14 and see if we need a replacement.