Cold Weather Temps

This might be a stupid question, but is there any way we can arbitrarily put our gear under load so that the CPU’s don’t freeze? This is what I woke up to this morning on a few A5c’s

LOL, I get the opposite end of those sometimes in the summer, if you are a scripting guru you might be able to setup a syslog server that parses the logs and would do an iPerf test for 5 min when the radio sends that log… but that could require endpoints on each side.

But I wouldn’t be too worried about -1C, but I am not an engineer so I could be wrong…

Hi @Christopher,

You should be ok to -40C. I’m not sure what version of firmware you’re running, but I think the warning message should be fixed in new firmware.

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I wouldn’t worry about that either. Just from our experience, we had -30C a few weeks back and our logs showed as low as -4C on the CPU. some of our Mikrotik routers that are NOT on the tower but still in the cold showed -14*C. Nothing terrible happened and not so much as a hint of problems.