Connecting ISP to WISP Network


I am in phase I planning of my new WISP network and have some concerns about connecting the T1 connection to the wireless part of the network. The city we are planning to use does not have any fiber/copper lines and the closet city with T1 speed is about 24 miles away.

Any recommendation on how to connect the first leg of the T1 connection to our WISP network over the 24 mile distances? I would like to keep the signal level as strong as possible over the distance. The remaining WISP network are much closer with the furthest B5 radio being 4.7 miles apart. I am new to Mimosa Networks and really excited to deploy this network to bring broadband access to our area.


Hello Franklin,

Mimosa B5c with a 30 or 34 db dish on both ends should work fine assuming you have clean line of sight and clear spectrum. I say this because a T1 is only 1.54Mb/s . I have a 26 mile link that is getting 80Mb/s using the awesome Mimosa B5c radios.


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Tony is right about a T1. It’s only 1.54 Mbps. But… a 24 mile Shot is a hell of a shot . 34db is the way to

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Thanks Tony and Anthony3. I miss typed the T1, I am looking to get (T3) 100M/b connection due to the distances so that customer’s can have a decent connection. The line of sight is fairly clear with a tree or two here or there but nothing that is a major obstacle. I will keep everyone posted once we deploy phase one, which is soon.

I think with the 34db antennas and clean fresnel zone you should be able to do 100mb/sec. I am having atmospheric issues since I almost shooting over a bay, but still getting 80Mb/s.

Keep us updated as you proceed and reach out to Mimosa too for help.

Hi Franklin,

If you are not familiar with Fresnel zones, you can use the Mimosa planning tool with GPS locations to determine the path. Don’t buy into anyone telling you it doesn’t matter or that radio X doesn’t need a clear line of sight. You will be glad you the the height needed in the long run. If you are new to wireless, visual line of sight IS NOT radio line of sight.

Alternately, you can post or PM the GSP coordinates here and someone can give you more detailed feedback.

Our longest link is under 20 miles, so depending on your options, you could do it in 2 hops and service people in between. :slight_smile:

Thanks Arthur. I will take that under consideration. I have tried the planning tool but had some difficulty getting the apps to set and give data. I will try again and update the post. And yes, I am unfamiliar with Fresnel zone and Mimosa spectrum use but I am researching the information.

Franklin, we would be happy to help you with the Mimosa Design tool. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our live chat line at