Current Beta Firmware as of 4/25/2020

Hi all,

We currently have new beta firmware for PTMP – 2.5.3 beta 8. We would love if you would give it a try and give us some feedback! Please contact Mimosa Support for access to 2.5.3 beta 8.

Beta 8 includes the following:

This feature allows asymmetric traffic-split biased towards downstream in 67:33 ratio of airtime utilization. It works in collocation mode as well with other A5/A5c.

New Frequency Band of Operation
A5/A5c, C5/C5c/C5x supports operation in Experimental UNII-4 frequency band (5.850 -5.895 GHz) in the United States.

Zero Touch Provisioning of C5 (clients) using DHCP option-67
C5 can be provisioned by a device-configuration file; the URL for which can be passed using DHCP option-67. Provisioning parameters cover most of the device configuration including firmware upgrade.

Zero TouchProvisioning of A5/A5cusing DHCP option-67
A5/A5 can be upgraded by a device-configuration file; the URL for which can be passed using DHCP option-67.

Ethernet Statistics of clients (in PTMP mode)
C5s (in client mode) display Ethernet Statistics on WebUI.

Can this be used to run C5c PTP links in UNII-4?

You can I think, but for PTP I recommend 2.8.0 beta 2

@DustinS, can you please send me a white paper of this Option67 feature, or point me to online resources where it is described in detail. Thanks.

Is the UNII-4 free for everyone now? Or do you still need an experimental license to get access to those frequencies?

Hi William,

Folks should continue to get their FCC STA for 5.85. The WISP industry as a whole should not want to transmit illegally and cause the loss of 5.9 or 6.0 for WISPs.

@morris I believe there is something written up. Let me get that for you.

at first start I installed Mimosa-C5x-2.8.0-beta2.img.signed to 2 x C5x and both device broken, now they are not working any more :frowning:

@Ahmet6 You will need to be a bit more specific than that. Please elaborate on the process you took and what changes you made before and after the update. Were these new units or were they in service?

@morris please PM me a good email and I’ll send you the info.

Can I get added to the Beta Firmware download.

Hello @DustinS,
I will try to be a bit more specific, I opened new box C5x, and when first time run as you know device ask for firmware, after install firmware you do Unlock operation… this is normal procedure for first start. for new device at first start up, I updated Mimosa-C5x-2.8.0-beta2.img.signed and when firmware installation finish device never came back… I tried to ping but no reply, I tried to reset device but not worked. and now device not working anymore.

@Ahmet6 Perfect! Thank you for the explanation.

Please change your computer IP address to Change subnet mask to Try to access the device on Once you’re able to access the device, please downgrade to a previous version of firmware. Once you do this, you can upgrade back to 2.8.0 beta 2. There will be a fix for this in 2.8.0 beta 3.



¿Novedades para los equipos C5x en esas frecuencias?
(4.6 GHZ al 6.4 GHz)


What’s new for C5x equipment on those frequencies?
(4.6 GHZ to 6.4 GHz)

I would like to get a copy for c5 and a5

@DustinS, in Client/Host Information after 7 days, only show 5 or 4 clients info…

" Status of Hosts in WebUI may take “TO MUCH” time to reflect the actual configuration"

The Client/Host page basically is just looking at DHCP requests going back and forth. If your customers routers are Statically assigned (like me) the Host Information page won’t populate all of the devices connected.

Thanks for your reply, But:
All our Clients are assigned IP through DHCP.

A todos nuestros Clientes se les asigna IP por medio de DHCP.

Hmm, all I know is that the feature is beta and I have not explored it too much since I asked Mimosa what it was all about.

This feature is essentially a DHCP sniffer. You will need to have your DHCP server resend DHCP for these to populate.