Customers complaint about packet loss

We’ve installed four B11 links in one of our sites. One of them is the main link from our main site the others connect three sites together.
All the four links are powered up by shielded cables, and the injectors used are mimosa and airfiber, the overall traffic is almost 350 Mbs, but there are complaints due to huge packet loss (almost 30%), and low downloading speed.
Does anyone has faced this problem before.

check your physical ports… to see if you have a mis-matched ethernet duplex issue.

In other words, are you going from 1 gig ports to 100 Mbps ports WITHOUT, a switch or something in between them, that can “Buffer” and do “Flow Control” ?

If not, you will usually end up with 1/2 of the download speed to upload speed on the speed test.

I had a similar situation which turned out to be a partially-blown ethernet lightning arrester. Only two of the 8 pins blew out, and the link was still showing up / 1G.