Decoupling problem c5c

There is a problem in the new versions where the connection between the dishes is unlinked and the connection is not completed until the frequency or bandwidth is changed and this problem is rebooted. Many c5c -c5x users complain about it
Frankly, the recent versions in blue are very bad in terms of slow handling, unlike the orange versions, which are fast and show the real transfer capacity. I do not understand why all these problems

Yea I put up a PTP C5x (blue box’s) on a DFS Channel and 867/867 - but really only able to transfer about 300 meg in one direction at a time - so not sure.

New version of firmware not upto snuff perhaps? (2.12.0) - But worked for my set up so not too worried.

Crank down on the antenna’s till they make full contact and set the set screw - but if you go really tight you cant use the set screw as it will be off - but if you dont go tight enough - then you dont get good connection between radio and antenna. Not sure if this will affect wave output - but when dealing with microwave a small chink could have an affect.

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Hola yo tengo el mismo problema antes podía levantar 450Mbps ahora solo 250 Mbps una basura de firmware lo malo es que nadie de mimosa responde a mi solicitud.

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The best way to diagnose this is going to be to fall back to an earlier version of the firmware. See if that helps - then chat with Mimosa and start a ticket.

“Hello, I have the same problem before I could raise 450Mbps now only 250 Mbps garbage firmware the bad thing is that no one from mimosa responds to my request.”

La mejor manera de diagnosticar esto será recurrir a una versión anterior del firmware. Vea si eso ayuda, luego chatee con Mimosa y comience un ticket.

It is not possible to go back to the old versions in the new devices. I do not know why Mimosa does not respond to customers’ requests. The new version is very unsuccessful