Dense Urban Deployment

What are the thoughts on the new C5 Self install unit with Dense Urban deployment? I am looking at up to 42 or more A5 360’s installed in an approximate 10km x 10km layout as evenly as possible for best coverage and was wondering what the capacity of each A5 is using a Multi-point configuration, Average package being a 20Mbs package up to 100Mbs (premium price less than 10% of users) and B11’s for Backhaul.
I want to have Zero truck roll if possible and this is a mid sized urban city with a mix of high rise townhouses, condos and single family dwellings with Water on 3 sides of the City to hold it in and lots of contour to get a few points high and keep others lower and away from interference.
The network could easily grow to over 100 Base stations in 2 to 3 years.


The problem with the C5i is that most windows in the U.S. have some type of tinting film which blocks 5GHz. The other problem with your idea is that B11’s need at least 2’ dishes so you will need to keep that in mind also. We are using a combination of B11’s, B5’s, and Lites, AF24’s, and very soon, IgniteNet and Siklu, depending on budget and how they test out for backhaul.



The problem with the C5i is that most windows in the U.S. have some type of tinting film which blocks 5GHz.

Have you actually come across this situation ? first hand ?
I have heard the same but the few occasions we have had to do 5ghz thru the glass, it has worked well. Granted these were not long links.

You might want to discuss this with the Engineers @ Mimosa, to see if there are going to be any potential self created challenges, and what possible mitigation techniques you may have to use.
In regards to B11’s, if this is licensed freq. in your area then do your homework on channel availability. Considering you listed the area in km, I am guessing that this deployment is not in the US, and in that case 10ghz/11ghz is very likely to be un-licensed for you …

It’s huge issue in Arizona. We tested a better signal through the wall with an outer red brick than through the windows.

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Interesting … were you able to find out what kind of film / glass coating it was ?

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No, it’s integrated into the windows.

Newer windows often have different coatings for different regional climates . In the southwest these films are usually designed to block UV.

Lucky for us we are building in Canada where there is far less tint so that in the winter months you get more penetration of the little sun there is to warm up the house and give more natural light. In the summer the sun is very high so the greater angle reduces the amount of sun coming into the windows. I am sure some of the newer high rises will have tints on them but the homes and town houses will not.
I am anxious to get some of the C5i with a few base stations A5’s for testing.
When is the new release date of the C5i?