DHCP Option 82 Injection + Radius

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  1. Will the A5 software come with DHCP Option 82 injection to tag DHCP with the SN or MAC of each connected radio / panel like is done with GPON/VDSL/Canopy … this is something thats a big must have for larger networks that have moved away from pppoe.

  2. Radius provisioning/authentication of SM’s i’m hoping this is included or will make provision a bit of a question mark… Can we enable Radius authentication on the A5 to check if a SM’s mac is allowed, along with periodic refresh to make sure their still allowed on the network. Will the radius include support enforcement of VLAN/QOS from the billing system/radius to the AP/SM.

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Great questions. The A5 will have 802.1x support for radius authorization and accounting. We are still defining which VSAs will be supported and what other network level changes (like DHCP Option 82) our customers want to see.
It sounds like you might be able to help! If you have time I’d love to discuss what you are using so we can build a system that makes it easy to ‘drop in’ to your existing network.

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Drop me a line via email and we can chat, i’m actually waiting on your response on a ticket :stuck_out_tongue:

Another vote for Option 82 here!

Hello everyone - I’m looking for customer using DHCP injection + Radius to help me flush out requirements. Please speak up if you are using this as I would like to have a live conversation with you.


Has the DHCP Option 82 Injection feature made its way into a beta or stable release yet?

I was told DHCP Option 82 Injection would be included with v2.3, which is still a few months out.

+1 for DHCP relay/snooping with option 82. Also, it would be nice if the “Friendly Name” propogated as hostname to the DHCP server handing out the IP to the management interface.



Thanks @Michael3! I have added the feature of “Friendly Name” propagated as the hostname in the DHCP request.